PPC endeavours to provide its clients with tailored IT infrastructure solutions utilizing the latest technology in the market. The benefits of up-to-date reliable IT infrastructure include: minimizing outages, maintaining quality, leveraging limited resources, increasing business agility, providing a competitive edge in the market, and increasing adaptability to emerging technologies.

IT Infrastructure

Facilitated by strategic partnerships, PPC is capable of supplying, installing, configuring, testing, commissioning, maintaining and optimising a wide range of IT infrastructure solutions.

These solutions include:
Data Centres (including; enclosure and containment systems, structured cabling, power distribution, UPS, PDU, precision cooling systems, airflow optimization, safety and protection systems, environmental monitoring) Networking Infrastructure (routing and switching, cabling, cabinets, racks, patch panels and cords, IP Telephony, IP Video Conferencing, air conditioning systems, UPS) Converged Infrastructure (from simple storage and server provisioning, to complex NAS/SAN architecture with cloud computing) Telecommunication Backbone Systems (e.g. SDH, PDH, DWDM, Multi-service IP, PON, XDSL, and PLC systems)

Networking And Systems Integration

An organizational strength of PPC is the ability to integrate various technology components and subsystems from global manufacturers to deliver optimised, clientspecific and cost-effective IT and Communication solutions.

Our team of qualified engineers and technicians help ensure the full operability and functionality of all integrated systems at the client site. Services vary from small internal networks to multi-location integrations.

Security Solutions

Safety and security are an integral part of IT projects, as well as being a source of business efficiency for many industries.

Security systems help protect personnel and property from danger, damage and criminal activity. PPC offers a variety of digital surveillance and monitoring systems, including: CCTV, Access Control Systems (ACS), Remote Surveillance Systems (RSS), Telecom Supervisory Systems (TSS), Fence Intrusion Detection Systems (FIDS), and Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS).