With a passion for smart  technology, PPC endeavours to provide its clients with the latestndisplay solutions in the market.

Our strategic partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers of display technologies enable the delivery of purpose-built, high quality and innovative solutions.


Digital display is an emerging technology replacing print-based banners, advertisements, multi-monitor displays, and more. The use of digital display technologies helps businesses in: reducing printing costs, seemingly customizing displayed content, looking stylish and modern, and cutting environmental footprint. PPC supplies, installs and configures:

Professional Video Wall
Unlike the old multi-monitor setup, modern video walls consist of a number of small 3×3″ high-resolution LED blades that make up the larger display wall.Video walls feature no bezels between the blades, and thus provide a blended and enhanced display. Some video walls also provide for interactive experiences using touch technology.

Large Format Display (LFD)
LFD’s are large screens (LED, LCD or Plasma) that are typically 90″+ in size. They can be the prefect way to showcase media, welcome boards, digital signage, advertisement, presentations, or simply enhancing the ambience. LFD’s range in size, price, functionality and features (including touch screens); to suit different business needs.

Outdoor Digital Signage
Durable and weather-resistant display solutions, that are generally custom-built to suit the individual business needs. Outdoor signage screens feature protective glass, high contrast ratios of up to 5000:1 and high brightness to attract attention.

The old definition of a projector has changed in recent years. Projectors of the modern era have interactive features for meetings, laser, programable and recordable content, motion detection, high resolution, and some are portable.


Illustrative applications of Digital Display solutions provided by PPC are listed below, with the corresponding technology:

  • Retail Store Signage (LFD)
  • Thematic Walls in Museums (video wall)
  • Home Cinema (video wall, LFD)
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows (video wall, LFD)
  • Elevator and Waiting Room Ads (digital signage)
  • Mall and Lobby Ambience (video wall)
  • Business Presentations (projectors)
  • Board Room Conferencing (projectors)
  • On-street Advertisement (LFD)
  • Menu Display in Hospitality (video wall)