Professional Business Solutions

PPC enjoys strategic partnerships in areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and MicroStrategy for business solutions.

The benefits of robust ERP systems and reliable business solutions include: improved data visibility and analysis, improved productivity, automated and streamlined processes, reduced operational costs, increased ROI, and integrated and responsive supply chain.

MicroStrategy Solutions

With a focus on enterprise analytics, mobility, and Internet of Things (IoT), PPC’s strategic partnership with MicroStrategy enables the delivery of business solutions that enhance business operability, efficiency and profitability. Solutions in areas, such as, IT, Human Resources and Facility Management, include:


 (e.g. Workforce Utilization and Planning, Facility Capacity Forecasting, Systems and Database Monitoring, Enterprise Asset Tracker, IT Alerts, Facilities Management, License and Application Management, Workforce Planning, Recruiting and Performance Analysis)


 (e.g. CIO Strategic Insights, Executive HR Dossier, Employee Self-service, Mobile Training and Education)


 (e.g. Time and Attendance Tracking, Digital ID Employee Badge, Visitor Badge, Digital Workspaces Access Control, Staff Safety and Emergency Response)

Mobile Applications

PPC facilitates the development of purpose-built customizable mobile applications to suit various business needs. Besides the compatibility and full integrability, all mobile applications feature reliable programming, enhanced security, high speed, functional design and ongoing maintenance and support.

Solving your problems quickly and efficiently

We provide the best repair solutions

Our team of expert technicians is committed to providing top-notch efficiency in fixing your Problems. We guarantee rapid turnaround times, without compromising quality or customer service.

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We offer comprehensive repair services for all kinds of your business problems to ensure that you are fully operational again as soon as possible.

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Our team of trained technicians possesses the knowledge and skill to diagnose, identify the root cause of the problem, and make the necessary repairs.