Automation provides more than just convenience, it can improve security, connectivity, energy consumption, operational efficiency and cost, emergency responsiveness, and environmental footprint. Inspired by the concept of IoT (Internet of Things), PPC is committed to quality and optimisation to ensure clients derive the most value out of automated products and services.

Building Management

To keep up with the ever changing technology world, PPC is capable of integrating smart technologies into already-built towers as well as into the design stages of new buildings.
Automation technologies are a great asset for building services, such as, security, utility management, emergency, etc. From a centralized command and control centre, a building can be managed using a bundle of automated services including:

  • Utility Leak Detection Systems
  • Power Management Systems
  • Emergency Power Backup
  • Building and Elevator Access Control
  • Automated Irrigation Systems
  • Surveillance and Motion
  • Detection Systems
  • Automated Emergency
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Parking Management Systems
  • Climate Control Air Conditioning
  • Airflow Optimization and Zoning
  • Smoke Sensors and Fire Alarms
  • Sound Distribution Systems
  • Smart Display Systems
  • Environmentally-adaptable Lighting
  • Ventilation and Dust Control Systems
  • IP Services

Smart Homes

Featuring devices and subsystems for security, communication, entertainment, energy, climate, and lighting: a smart home enables the integration and connectivity of these subsystems with a central control unit. PPC supplies, installs, configures and maintains top-of-the-range smart home systems with efficiency and convenience in mind. Our smart home solutions consist of the following categories:
Energy and Lighting (e.g. controlled power switches and outlets, wireless controlled home appliances, sensory lighting system, climate control air conditioning, solar power integration, automated blinds and curtains systems)
Security and Communication (e.g. surveillance systems, smart gates, doors & locks, intercom systems, alarm systems)
Entertainment and Data (e.g. multi-room sound system, home theatre and TV, wireless content delivery, distributed fast Wi-Fi internet, integrated all-in-one streaming)


It all starts with a smart podium, but there is more to lecture hall technology and control than the obvious. PPC endeavours to help educational institutions make the teaching and learning experience smarter and efficient. PPC provides integrated solutions that include:
audio & visual connectivity, smart thematic lighting systems, smart blackboard and tablet systems, controllable sound distribution, multi-device streaming, and automatic recording capabilities; to name a few.